Day 9

Hello again to all!


Sorry I didn’t follow up over the last week, but was away on a writing seminar and so here’s the ninth day report on Travels through the Atlantic Pyrenees on the GR10.

Just to remind to you where we left off, I am slowly starting to access the higher plateaus of the Atlantic Pyrenees, where I don’t know how far my strength, money, and good humor will stretch, before I give in to the time that is given to me, which is always too short, when you have two legs to hikeFollow your legs as fast as they can carry you…

Friday July 26th                  Larrau – Visit of the Gorges de Holzarté, plateau d’Ardakhotchia

Slept well for two days in a row and am recovering from what I think was general infection (the mosquito and horsefly bites, the lack of sleep and water, and hypothermia during the nights bring me to this conclusion).

Last night the warden of the campsite invited me for a cup of tea; the second one, as the first evening I asked if I could buy a drink after having set up the tent and having walked for approximately seven hours, and the lady gave me a tea, for which I didn’t have to pay. (do we all get focused on only liquids running out as an energy source, is what I wonder afterwards, when finally resting my very tired bones.) We exchange visions of a better world but I remain vague on my plans as they aren’t clear to myself and therefore difficult to mindmap, let alone communicate. She tells me she has some things to improve to the camping and gives herself two more years to finalize her project, but people seem to like the ‘open spirit’ of it: no extensive fencing, but certainly not limited to that. The entrance indeed is a large space, where tables with games, a comfortable?(didn’t try it out) couch and a lot of light, make for a very agreeable surrounding in which to dwell. The lady who runs it is very friendly and a relief after days of difficulty and struggle to keep going. What does she know how far off I’ve been and how difficult it is to keep on walking and observing as well as commenting on what I think should be taken care of with regards to environmental protection ?

As I decided to stay one more night (some common sense, so hard to come by, is so soothing to my tired brain)DIGITAL CAMERA DIGITAL CAMERA DIGITAL CAMERA, I am able to have a decent dinner and a good breakfast the next day at the local bakery store, which is also a hotel.


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