day 3 July 20th


Saturday July 20th


Finally, around 11 hrs! on the road again. The camping owner who on the previous night, allotted me a parcel which he named ‘the Bermuda Triangle’ didn’t really mind to see me leave; he doesn’t know which interesting encounter I made leaving behind that lonely spot, where a couple from the same region I dwell in, were yet so friendly to come to loan me one of their own chairs so I could sit while reading and writing. My foot aching with bursitis slowed me down during the first two days, but the lunch yesterday at Inzola where I met with a couple of teaching fellows at a Switzerland university, has given me the necessary pluck to start out. The conversation topic about brain research and specific development of parietal lobes according to languages spoken is like holy water on my front. We speak about research in that field being carried out and intellectual inclination due to lobes’ development; it is all a bit high fetched for the small lobes of this narrator and my brain searches to restore again in the stillness of the beautiful surroundings, not yet knowing what I’ll get to see!

The weather will remain good for the next days, and even though I am pressed for time, I decide to take a leisure day and halt in the early evening in Aïnhoa, which claims, not without reason, to be one of France’s most beautiful villages. The camping kept by an elderly couple is a real haven; within walking distance of the village where I passed a most agreeable evening on the small brick wall eating my sandwich generously covering three different cheeses, giving all my senses the necessary rest.

I return to my tent in full darkness, yet see the odd light around me, which comforts each and every soul.


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