Day 4 – July 21st

Sunday, July 21st


Only one month into summer ; I decide to walk to the nearest Venta Berrouet, which sets off the pace for the day, to buy the dear necessities, and back at the camping site, I pack the tent, leaving the couple running it, at their notes (the billing seemed to pose a bit of a problem but taxpayer questions seem to become a hot item for many people, which can easily be smoothed out if sincerity is shown) and I decide to spend part of Sunday at finishing the drawing I started the previous night of the beautiful roman church. It is a postcard, meant to reach its’ addressee and some people keep watching, complementing on my work(why can’t I do this for a living, I wonder, thinking of the SDF – painter who stayed at my apartment for a few weeks while I was working too far to commute daily?). A small English girl tells me her father buys postcards, as to encourage me to continue this artistic path. The aquarelle is finished in time; envelope with stamp on it, and into the mailbox it goes.

I head off for my next route at 16.00 hrs, when the first stop I make is at the fountain outside the village, where I take refreshing water, and halt to chat with a Slovenian girl, hiking her way through in the opposite direction. She tells me she took some rides which were offered, and indeed, she doesn’t look half as worn out as I will at the end of this story. The hiking starts to become tougher with four passes ranging from 510 meter to 712 meter (Mehatche). Again I can’t find sufficient indication and being lost at dusk, I look for a place where I can pitch the tent. Not really comfortable with the observatory above my head less than a mile away, overseeing the landscape from a much more comfortable position than mine, I yet ease myself to sleep with the thought that the thunderstorms which are lurking, will not poor out on my sweaty tent as all feels damp enough as it is. I wonder why I couldn’t find the signs of the trail, but worrying doesn’t pay off. The day will bring a fresh point of view, and who knows, new light will shine ?


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